My name is Abigail Hassett, and I am a fourth-year doctoral student at the University of South Carolina.

My research broadly examines the role of personality in judicial behavior, specifically judicial ambition. I seek to both define and quantify this complicated trait. Decades of judicial research assumes that ambition exists, but fails to break down how this phenomenon interacts with or creates other facets of judicial behavior. By furthering our understanding of why and how people seek to become judges, we are better able to understand judicial behavior as a whole. My corollary interests also include elite legal networks and the intersectionality of gender, race, and class in this sphere. Summaries of my working papers can be found on my Research page.

When not in the office or classroom, I can be found at one of the local coffee shops in Columbia. I also enjoy urban photography, antique shopping, and baking. My dog, Darcy, serves as my writing buddy, favorite sounding board, and loyal ‘fetch’ partner.

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